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Plumbing Tips

Are you struggling with faucet leak, clogged pipe, or low water pressure? Here in iHomeLine we offer you many plumbing tips such as: Choosing the right plumber, How to solve common plumbing problems, How to fix a leaking pipe, Dealing with damaged sewage line and many more.

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pest control

Pest Control Tips

Nobody really likes pests at home, but the unavoidable fact is that at some stage in our lives, it is something many of us have to deal with.
Whether you’re dealing with termites, ants, roaches or even rats, iHomeLine has got you covered with the best pest control tips.
We offer you tips and tricks on how to find the right pest control service to help you create a safer, cleaner and comfortable environment for your family.

Flooring Tips

Creating the best and ideal house wouldn’t be complete without installing the right floor.
Here at iHomeLine, we value your wants and needs thus we offer Flooring tips and ideas such as: How to install vinyl tiles, How to choose the perfect floor rug, How to fix a creaky floor, How to pick the right wood for flooring, and so much more!

Roofing Tips

One thing that you must always consider a priority amidst the punch list is the continuous care and maintenance of your house roof.
We acknowledge and know this importance, therefore, we have created several tips to help you on roofing matters such as: How to fix a leaking roof, How to clean gutters, How to avoid roof moss, How to clean your roof and many more.

Door Tips

Have you ever asked how to look after your current front door? Do you want to know how to install or paint various colors on your interior doors and frameworks without posing like a project disaster?
Then, iHomeLine is the best for you! We offer tips surrounding doors such as “How to pick the right color for your front door” “How to install door hinges” “How to install a pocket door” and much more!
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Air Conditioner Services Tip

Air conditioning units are much more than just wanted appliances. They’re like an investment.
That’s why they cost considerably more than any of your home’s other mechanical and electrical devices. If you want to know tips and tricks regarding Air condition which includes: “How to choose the right air conditioner” “Easy steps on how to clean air conditioners” “How to fix an air conditioner.”

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What Makes a Good Pest Control Service in Kuala Lumpur

pest control services

Pests are nothing but annoying creatures that are carriers of diseases and sometimes, silent destroyers of your properties.

When a pest infestation gets worse, booking professional pest control services from KL that can get rid of termites,cockroaches, and ants from your home is always the best option.

pest control services in Kuala Lumpur area

Here is a guide to the major qualities a good pest control company in KL,Malaysia has.

Qualities of a Good Pest Control Service in Kuala Lumpur

1. Experience Of The Pest Exterminator

Years of being in the industry tell one’s experience and expertise. A pest exterminator who has been in the field for less than a year will never defeat a company who has been standing for 10 years.

A good pest exterminator in Kuala Lumpur who has been delivering services for several years has already handled different situations and dealt with different pest infestation problems. So, if you’re looking for a good pest exterminator, their number of years in the field will never fail you.

Certification Of The Pest Exterminator

Just like other professionals, a trusted pest exterminator must be certified by an authorized agency. Nowadays, with many companies and sometimes people offering cheap services, we can’t just reject their too good to be true offers. But, what we don’t know is the quality and safety of their service.

A good pest exterminator must be certified to be trusted enough with harmful chemicals that will be used in managing an infestation.

Pest Control Services Offered

A good pest exterminator offers not just one service for your pest infestation problem. Say, you consulted them because of cockroaches infesting your home, but they found out that other pests, like rats, are also adding to the infestation. A good pest exterminator will not simply eliminate the cockroaches but will also help you on locating and eliminating the rats.

A good pest exterminator knows how to deal with every kind of pests, and how they can help you stop and further prevent an infestation.

Customer Service

Customer service tops the qualities of companies offering any form of service. Once a company has a bad reputation in terms of customer service, clients will most likely disregard them as an option.

A good pest exterminator promotes satisfactory customer service by addressing all the issues and concerns of a client. They are willing to answer all your questions regarding your pest infestation problems and will help you understand the service you will need.

Free Pest Inspection

If you are suspecting a pest infestation, you sure will likely hire a pest exterminator immediately. But what makes a good pest exterminator is their willingness to do an inspection, which is mostly free, to really identify your problem and come up with the best method to eliminate the pests invading your home or property.

A good pest exterminator will not simply hear your issues over the phone and will come up with a method based on what you told them. Rather, a good pest exterminator would want to see for themselves the extent of the infestation and what causes it.

Reviews Of The Pest Control Company

Of course, customers’ reviews are the legit way to tell whether the pest exterminator you are looking at right now is the best as what the company’s advertisement says.

A good pest exterminator, as obvious as it is, will have positive reviews from its previous clients. Reviews are not only seen on the company’s websites, it is rather authentic when you ask a co-worker who has sought their service, a friend, or even a family member.

Reasonable Prices

Some companies offer a very cheap rate for their services, that it somehow sounds too good to be true. Some offer a very high price for the sake of the name they have established over the years.

A good pest exterminator will offer you a reasonable price, which is not too cheap or too costly, but will depend on the service you need considering several factors like the extent of the infestation, the area, and size, etc.


A good pest exterminator in KL possesses most of the qualities above if not all. What is important is you are dealing with an expert who knows how to handle your pest infestation problem with comfort and assurance, and that nothing will annoy you again.

Does DIY pest control work?


Oh no! You have a pest infestation! You want to get rid of them by yourself. Whether it be purchasing insecticides from shop or DIY your own concoction, here at iHomeLine, we strongly discourage you from doing so. Here are 3 main reasons why you should not DIY pest control work:

1. It is UNSAFE To Do DIY Pest Control

DIY products bought from stores can be unsafe, and even poses health risk to you and your family. Using the incorrect equipment or pouring the wrong amount of chemical can be harmful. Without the right tools, these DIY chemicals and poisons can contaminate your water supply, plants, pet food and even the air in your home. How dangerous is that?

Pets can spread diseases and contaminate your food if left untreated. It is best to have pest control to take over the job. Then you can be assured that the work is done safely and effectively.

2.DIY Pest Control is INEFFECTIVE

DIY pest control chemicals that can easily be bought from stores consist of low-risk chemicals which are not effective. Some are so diluted they don’t even work. With professional pest control, they are qualified and legally allowed to use higher quality and concentrated chemicals that are targeted to pests. Buying DIY pest control products are simply a short-term fix. These chemicals are not strong enough to handle the root of the problem. It will not solve the problem of infestation.

DIY pest control can even lead to over-baiting. It makes baits and poison open to vulnerable, non-targeted species. That includes poisoning someone else’s pets and endangering wildlife. That is why we strongly encourage audiences to book a professional pest control service. Get the problem settled once and for all.

3.DIY Pest Control Wasting Time & Money

While DIY chemicals can easily be found in stores, they are usually over-priced, diluted and most of the time don’t work. DIY chemicals do not get to the root of the problem, it only targets that small amount of pests. This leaves your home open to repeated infestation. By using DIY pest control method, you are actually wasting more valuable time & money in the long run. While hiring professional pest control, you are actually saving yourself time and money. You only need to pay once and the problem will be solved. You get a peace of mind that the pest infestation are fully eliminated fast, effectively and safely.

While people choose to DIY their pest control chemicals, we highly recommend that you get a peace of mind, and hire a professional pest control company. Not only it saves you time & money in the long run, the work done is effective as compared to DIY. With professional pest control, there won’t be any more repeated pest infestation in the near future.


What to Expect When Hiring Pest Control Team

hiring a pest control

The best thing you can do when you suspect there are pests living in your home, is to book a pest control service to help you out.. A site survey with them can easily identify the root of the problem. They can inspect where the pests are living and how they are getting in. They can also know the severity of the infestation and advice you the best course of action. Read on to find out what you can expect when hiring a pest control team.

How Long Does It Take For Pest Control?

There several factors that determine how long a pest control process can take. It depends on the size and types of property. It might take longer if it is a bigger house or an office. The severity of infestation also plays a role. The more severe the condition is, the longer time it takes to get rid of all of them. With a bigger property, it may take up to a few hours to inspect the location and eliminate the pests fast and effectively.

However, it is always best to contact your local pest control to do a site visit. From there, you can get a more accurate price and arrange for them to eliminate the pests.

If you think there are pests on your property, isn’t a pest inspection something you can DIY? The answer is no. This is because pests are small. They often nest in places that are hard to see. It could be behind a fridge, at the corner of a door or even from inside the cabinet. They reproduce really quickly, so it’s best to get to the root of the problem before it gets out of control. Pests are good at hiding and thus, hard to find.

This is why it’s critical that you make a fast decision and contact your local pest control. They will be able to help you solve your problem, leaving you with a peace of mind.

Want more pest control tips? You can check out our latest tips and info about pest control here at iHomeLine.

Plumber Maintenance Checklist

Plumber Maintenance Checklist

When employing a plumber service to perform plumbing review, make sure you employ a contractor that has a suitable review checklist. Make sure that in your plumbing system, they check for wear, tear, corrosion, and so on.
With our years of experience, we have the ability to diagnose the issue and fix it soonest possible to ensure less chance of it causing problems.
We will inspect the whole plumbing system for problems such as indications of rust, leaks, and leaky or broken water appliances like water heaters, sinks, showers, and bathrooms. Want to get more plumbing tips? Read more on iHomeLine .

Backflow analyzing

At any time you will need a Licensed plumbing care support, do not hesitate to contact us.
The shutoff and security valves installed in your building’s plumbing system has to be completely analyzed and inspected. Any malfunction valves have to be replaced. Working valves make it feasible to shut off water supply in certain parts of your construction, rather than shutting off the whole water supply during a crisis. This can occur in situations such as burst pipe in the building.

What should the checklist include:
Another essential aspect that the review checklist must include is signs of corrosion and rust on pipes. If the pipes reveal considerable corrosion, then they are likely to be spoil.
All big residential buildings and industrial buildings should have backflow prevention mechanics. Backflow testing has to be accomplished annually to stop polluted water from flowing back to the primary water source.


Test all of drain lines at the building for any leaks. Clogged or slow drains need hydro-jetting or electricity pumps to reestablish their function. Camera review ought to be considered to check whether drain lines are infiltrated by tree roots or if there are other underlying causes.
Overflows and security valves need to undergo testing. Any security issues found should be repaired immediately.

Plumbing Repair Service

A plumbing care checklist will make sure that your plumbing system is completely inspected in its entirety, without even overlooking on anything. The checklist will also help with you with hiring a plumber service company. In the event we find a problem with your plumbing, we will perform the necessary repairs. What to know more plumbing tips, you can always contact us.

If at any time you suspect that something’s wrong with your pipes, or your yearly water bills are moving higher than normal, then contact us for instant review. Our professional technicians focus on preventive maintenance, emergency care, and plumbing repairs. We are more than happy to help. We believe in fixing the issue before it causes bigger problems.

Top 5 Plumbing Tips For Homeowners in Malaysia

plumber working

For the majority of us, plumbing is just sort of there. We’re not spending a lot of time worrying about it or thinking about ways to maintain it. But when the time comes, it suddenly stops working properly, or we get into an unexpected issue, boy do we notice! 

When it comes to dealing with your house’s plumbing system, it’s a great idea to understand the most popular household plumbing issues, together with what you must do if you encounter one. We know that dealing with plumbing issues is absolutely not a pleasure. This is why we compiled this list of our top 5 plumbing tips that will help prevent worst-case scenarios. 

Read on to know more!

1. Don’t Pour Oil or Grease Down the Sink

Grease and oil are always going to build up. You might not realize it at first; you’re going to think it’s utterly cool because, as a liquid, down the drain is where it should go. But the oil and grease will eventually jam up your pipes and present you with some major plumbing issues. 

Before dumping the cooking liquid down the sink, think hard about your drainage and pipes, and go for a safer and better disposal option. For instance,  Wait for grease or oil to solidify before dumping it into your compost bin.

2. Be Careful What You Flush 

There are some stuff that must be flushed and some things that should certainly not be flushed. We are pretty sure that you understand what we mean. 

If you begin flushing stuff down the bowl other than toilet paper and body waste, you might cause some severe clogs that we guarantee you don’t really want to deal with. This includes grooming products, balls of cotton, prescription of medicines, and, even, unfortunate fish. 

 If you find that your toilet gets blocked up more and more often, there are a few additional factors that might be the source of your problem.

3. Be Careful Not To Puncture Pipes 

Are you going to pound nails or drill holes into your floors, ceiling, or walls? Are you going to drill the walls, floors, or ceiling into holes or pound nails? First, check whether there are any drainage pipes behind your workplace because you wouldn’t want to mistakenly puncture them. You might be able to track down where the pipes are behind your walls with an affordable stud finder. Or maybe, you could spend money on an endoscopic camera that can fit into the walls.

4. Utilize A Strainer 

Drainage or pipe clogs are among the most common problems with plumbing, and due to hair and soap or shampoo residue, it could become unpleasant and gross when it gets into a shower or sink drain. 

It’s as quick to stop the culprit as using a basket strainer. This will help avoid a time-consuming and stressful job from happening in the future.

5. Know The Location Of Your Main Water Valve 

Plumbing is not among the topics you’re actively learning about, but knowing the location of your main water valve and what must be done if ever there is a problem is truly important. 

If you have tubes bursting, then shutting off your main water valve will aid mitigate the damage before a plumbing service can get there to help. You’re going to spend much time struggling if you don’t know where it is, while your home experiences severe water damage.


No individual would like a leaking pipe and puddles of water in their homes. That is why it is crucial that you know the basics of plumbing. Prevention is always the best choice to avoid significant problems in the near future that can affect your household. Make sure to keep all of these tips in mind to ensure a safe and hassle-free living environment! If you want more tips like this, check out iHomeLine.