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It takes a lot more responsibility and commitment to own a home compared to renting. There’s no landlord to help and fix the issue if anything goes down; it’s in the control of the owner. That implies that homeowners are responsible for keeping a home maintained and cleaned.  Your real estate agent, mortgage company and everybody on the Web have informed you how vital it is to keep your home secure, as well as hundreds of ways to do it. Whether you wish to sell your house or remain for many decades, it is necessary to carry out routine repairs and maintenance. Staying ahead of things with small fixes will benefit you further down the road to prevent big problems.

Luckily, You don’t have to search far to find the right site to give you house-hold assistance. Here in iHomeLine, We offer you tips, guides and tricks to help you in your daily living. We are the best when it comes to house maintenance and care. We have many tips to give regarding everything about house-hold such as plumbing, pest control, flooring and many more. Your needs and wants are our utmost priority, and we always put our clients first!

Jim Neidner: The Brains of the Company

Jim Neidner From iHomeLine  


In today’s advanced building industry, experience, and knowledge is so critical. Jim Neidner, who has over 36 years of experience in the field, aids his clients and consumers with their day to day challenges. He is known to be a Custom home builder,  Remodeler, a home author, a consultant, a national home host radio, a home building instructor, a Realtor and a Developer. Jim is always there to support you with questions about your house. He also researches customers’ homes to understand your needs and wants fully. He listens to your concerns, stories and issues. His companies give you services such as a Build-on-your-lot, renovating, Owner/marketing realities, Owner/Builder Plan, consultation service and much more. He even has a radio home show to help and support you better on your next home project.