Does DIY pest control work?

Oh no! You have a pest infestation! You want to get rid of them by yourself. Whether it be purchasing insecticides from shop or DIY your own concoction, here at iHomeLine, we strongly discourage you from doing so. Here are 3 main reasons why you should not DIY pest control work:

1. It is UNSAFE To Do DIY Pest Control

DIY products bought from stores can be unsafe, and even poses health risk to you and your family. Using the incorrect equipment or pouring the wrong amount of chemical can be harmful. Without the right tools, these DIY chemicals and poisons can contaminate your water supply, plants, pet food and even the air in your home. How dangerous is that?

Pets can spread diseases and contaminate your food if left untreated. It is best to have pest control to take over the job. Then you can be assured that the work is done safely and effectively.

2.DIY Pest Control is INEFFECTIVE

DIY pest control chemicals that can easily be bought from stores consist of low-risk chemicals which are not effective. Some are so diluted they don’t even work. With professional pest control, they are qualified and legally allowed to use higher quality and concentrated chemicals that are targeted to pests. Buying DIY pest control products are simply a short-term fix. These chemicals are not strong enough to handle the root of the problem. It will not solve the problem of infestation.

DIY pest control can even lead to over-baiting. It makes baits and poison open to vulnerable, non-targeted species. That includes poisoning someone else’s pets and endangering wildlife. That is why we strongly encourage audiences to book a professional pest control service. Get the problem settled once and for all.

3.DIY Pest Control Wasting Time & Money

While DIY chemicals can easily be found in stores, they are usually over-priced, diluted and most of the time don’t work. DIY chemicals do not get to the root of the problem, it only targets that small amount of pests. This leaves your home open to repeated infestation. By using DIY pest control method, you are actually wasting more valuable time & money in the long run. While hiring professional pest control, you are actually saving yourself time and money. You only need to pay once and the problem will be solved. You get a peace of mind that the pest infestation are fully eliminated fast, effectively and safely.

While people choose to DIY their pest control chemicals, we highly recommend that you get a peace of mind, and hire a professional pest control company. Not only it saves you time & money in the long run, the work done is effective as compared to DIY. With professional pest control, there won’t be any more repeated pest infestation in the near future.


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