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What Makes a Good Pest Control Service in Kuala Lumpur

Pests are nothing but annoying creatures that are carriers of diseases and sometimes, silent destroyers of your properties.

When a pest infestation gets worse, booking professional pest control services from KL that can get rid of termites,cockroaches, and ants from your home is always the best option.

pest control services in Kuala Lumpur area

Here is a guide to the major qualities a good pest control company in KL,Malaysia has.

Qualities of a Good Pest Control Service in Kuala Lumpur

1. Experience Of The Pest Exterminator

Years of being in the industry tell one’s experience and expertise. A pest exterminator who has been in the field for less than a year will never defeat a company who has been standing for 10 years.

A good pest exterminator in Kuala Lumpur who has been delivering services for several years has already handled different situations and dealt with different pest infestation problems. So, if you’re looking for a good pest exterminator, their number of years in the field will never fail you.

Certification Of The Pest Exterminator

Just like other professionals, a trusted pest exterminator must be certified by an authorized agency. Nowadays, with many companies and sometimes people offering cheap services, we can’t just reject their too good to be true offers. But, what we don’t know is the quality and safety of their service.

A good pest exterminator must be certified to be trusted enough with harmful chemicals that will be used in managing an infestation.

Pest Control Services Offered

A good pest exterminator offers not just one service for your pest infestation problem. Say, you consulted them because of cockroaches infesting your home, but they found out that other pests, like rats, are also adding to the infestation. A good pest exterminator will not simply eliminate the cockroaches but will also help you on locating and eliminating the rats.

A good pest exterminator knows how to deal with every kind of pests, and how they can help you stop and further prevent an infestation.

Customer Service

Customer service tops the qualities of companies offering any form of service. Once a company has a bad reputation in terms of customer service, clients will most likely disregard them as an option.

A good pest exterminator promotes satisfactory customer service by addressing all the issues and concerns of a client. They are willing to answer all your questions regarding your pest infestation problems and will help you understand the service you will need.

Free Pest Inspection

If you are suspecting a pest infestation, you sure will likely hire a pest exterminator immediately. But what makes a good pest exterminator is their willingness to do an inspection, which is mostly free, to really identify your problem and come up with the best method to eliminate the pests invading your home or property.

A good pest exterminator will not simply hear your issues over the phone and will come up with a method based on what you told them. Rather, a good pest exterminator would want to see for themselves the extent of the infestation and what causes it.

Reviews Of The Pest Control Company

Of course, customers’ reviews are the legit way to tell whether the pest exterminator you are looking at right now is the best as what the company’s advertisement says.

A good pest exterminator, as obvious as it is, will have positive reviews from its previous clients. Reviews are not only seen on the company’s websites, it is rather authentic when you ask a co-worker who has sought their service, a friend, or even a family member.

Reasonable Prices

Some companies offer a very cheap rate for their services, that it somehow sounds too good to be true. Some offer a very high price for the sake of the name they have established over the years.

A good pest exterminator will offer you a reasonable price, which is not too cheap or too costly, but will depend on the service you need considering several factors like the extent of the infestation, the area, and size, etc.


A good pest exterminator in KL possesses most of the qualities above if not all. What is important is you are dealing with an expert who knows how to handle your pest infestation problem with comfort and assurance, and that nothing will annoy you again.

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